Different Ways to Say “You’re Welcome” in Tagalog (Filipino)

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Knowing how to say “You’re Welcome” in Filipino (Tagalog) is a great way to show appreciation to your Pinoy friends. Today you’re about to learn how to say even more ‘You’re Welcome’ phrases that are sure to warm their heart and impress them with your vocabulary. But first, a story.

When a Filipino ‘You’re Welcome’ Really Brightened My Day

It was one of those days when I felt especially down in the dumps. 

There were over 15,000 Covid cases in the Philippines – the country’s highest daily record yet.  The government imposed a lockdown in my city and I dreaded the thought of not being able to venture out of the house to shake off cabin fever with a breath of fresh air. 

Closed borders closed in on my heart.

I felt lonely.  I couldn’t breathe.

Then, just when it mentally felt like I was going to breathe my last, a friend sent me a message:  

“Hi, I have a platter of spaghetti here.  How about I split the calories and send you  some?” 🙂

Feel-good, saucy, cheesy carbs during Covid? It was exactly what my spirits (and my stomach) ached for.

 “Yes!!!!!  PLEASE!!!!” I replied.  

Within 20 minutes, I received the food package.  I breathed in the aroma of herbs, ground beef, and the thickest blanket of melty mozzarella. I whipped out my camera and took a photo of the spaghetti and sent it to my friend along with a simple message:
“Salamat!!!” ( Thank you!!!)

Salamat (Thank you)

She replied simply:
“Walang anuman.” (You’re welcome / Don’t mention it).

^ “Walang anuman.” (You’re welcome / Don’t mention it)

Our text exchange was short and simple. Yet the sincerity of the gift truly melted my heart during a sad day. Now it’s you’re turn to brighten someone’s day by learning to say “You’re welcome” in Filipino, and other similar Tagalog phrases. Here we go!

Other Ways to Say “You’re Welcome” in Tagalog

Has someone told you “Salamat” (Thank you) for something you gave or offered and you weren’t sure how to respond?  Well now you can, simplyAcknowledge the sincerity of their gratitude with one of these responses:

Maliit na bagay!  (No biggie!)

^ Maliit na bagay!  (No biggie!)

Walang problema! (No problem!)

^ Walang problema! (No problem!)

Ikaw pa! Malakas ka sa ‘kin eh!  (No worries! You know I can’t resist you!)

^ Ikaw pa! Malakas ka sa ‘kin eh!  (No worries! You know I can’t resist you!)

Hanggang sa muli! (See you next time!)

^ Hanggang sa muli! (See you next time!)

The Power of Receiving Thanks

Gratitude is awesome – it brightens your mood, gladdens the heart, and makes life just more beautiful.  But just as giving thanks is important, so is receiving it well. Acknowledging that you have helped someone makes the cycle of gratitude all the more heartfelt.  

Giving thanks and receiving thanks warms the spirit just as a hearty spaghetti platter can fill one’s tummy.

I know it did mine.

Marie Gutierrez

Filipino (Tagalog) is my native language, but with more than 15 years experience writing professionally in English, I am uniquely qualified to flex my semicolons to help others learn this magnificent language and let you in on cultural insights that you won't get anywhere else.

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