Tagalog Christmas Words and Phrases

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Besides the unique and heart-warming Christmas traditions of the Philippines, there are many Tagalog Christmas words and phrases that you should learn how to pronounce correctly to better share your love for the season. Some of them are long and lovely phrases that you can start saying as early as September. We Filipinos celebrate Christmas longer than any other culture.

Tagalog Christmas Words and Phrases to Learn

Here are some of the more common general Christmas words and phrases you’ll speak and hear as Filipinos celebrate this season. We will also cover the weather, gift giving and food – yum!

Tip: Click the play button below and listen as you read the words and phrases. Then come back and repeat them aloud until you feel ready to move on.

Listen and repeat: Tagalog Christmas words and phrases

Maligaya (Joyful)

Pasko (Christmas)

Maligayang Pasko! (Merry Christmas!)

Pasko nanaman muli! (It’s Christmas again!)

Christmas tree (Christmas tree)

Santa Claus (Santa Claus)

Paputok (Fireworks)

Araw ng Pasko (Christmas Day)

Bisperas ng Pasko (Christmas Eve)

Magdiriwang tayo! (Let’s celebrate!)

Parol (Christmas lantern)

Belen (Nativity scene)

Kasama ang buong pamilya (With the whole family)

Manigong Bagong Taon (Happy New Year)

Weather Phrases in Tagalog to Use During Christmas Season

The Philippines is typically hot and humid throughout most of the year, but during the Christmas season it’s a joy to explore and experience because the weather changes. Christmas weather is the best with its cool air, few rain showers, lower humidity and unthreatening sunshine. Being so used to the hot weather, Filipinos living in the Philippines may actually feel cold and chilly during this time when the temperatures plunge to the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit (mid 20s to low 30s Celsius), which brings me to share with you some Tagalog words and phrases you may only hear about the weather during the Christmas season.

Listen and repeat: Tagalog Christmas weather words and phrases in the Philippines

Malamig. (It’s cold.)

Nalalamigan ka ba? (Are you feeling cold?)

Giniginaw ako. (I’m feeling chilly.)

Magpainit ka. [Get (yourself) warm.]

Mag-dyaket ka. (Wear a jacket.) or (Dress warm.)

Gift Giving Phrases in Tagalog (Filipino)

Many of my most cherished memories are the get-togethers with family, and the gift-exchange. It wasn’t all about receiving a regalo (gift), there was so much joy in giving them out as well. Giving and receiving gifts have all been part of warm Christmas memories. Here are key gift giving Christmas phrases you should know how to say in Tagalog.

Listen and repeat: Tagalog gift giving words and phrases

Regalo (Gift)

Pamasko (Christmas gift)

Anong gusto mong regalo? (What gift would you like?)

Namamasko po. (May I ask for a gift?) *

*It is customary for Filipinos to boldly yet humbly ask their ninong (godfather) and ninang (godmother), tito (uncle) and tita (aunt) for a pamasko.

Aginaldo (Christmas gift) **

**Usually money in the form of fresh Philippine Peso bills in an envelope.

Para sa iyo. (For you.)

Itong regalo ay para sa iyo. (This gift is for you.)

Sana magustuhan mo ang regalo ko. I hope you like my gift.

Christmas Foods in Tagalog (Filipino)

Masarap! (Delicious!) Just thinking about all the food during Christmas makes my mouth water. From a cup of mainit na tsokolate (hot chocolate) to a festive lechon (roasted pig), the food during this Christmas season is such a delight. This is why you must learn how to say these Christmas food phrases in Tagalog. It’s a big part of our culture.

Listen and repeat: Tagalog Christmas foods

Kape, gatas, tsaa (coffee, milk, tea)

Hamon at keso (Ham and cheese)

Kastanyas (Chestnuts)

Keso de bola (Ball of cheese)

Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Feast)

Bisperas ng Pasko (Christmas Eve)

Araw ng Pasko (Christmas Day)

Your Tagalog Christmas Gift

The Philippines is known for celebrating the longest Christmas season in the world. Now that you are learning Tagalog, give the gift to yourself to know these Tagalog Christmas words and phrases. They are joyous to say and hear during this most wonderful time of the year.

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